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                               Calarus Corporation - Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Multi Cell Isothermal Calorimeter
Temperature Rise Calorimeter
Thermal Battery Analyzer
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Company Profile

Calarus has been designing and building calorimeters for more than 20 years. Calarus brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the field of calorimetry with the goal to provide research grade instruments that are affordable to laboratories in academic and industrial settings.

Calarus offers a wide range of calorimetry instruments making it unique in that the needs for low-cost instruments for academic teaching laboratories are provided as well as more sophisticated, dedicated research and development systems.

Using Calarus instrumentation, students can be taught the skills of using fully automated computer controlled data systems in undergraduate and post-graduate settings that focus on teaching fundamental thermodynamics and kinetics "hands-on". Graduate programs can benefit from the same basic systems, but with more options that permit focusing on graduate level research with emphasis on publications and development of a thesis research program in physical chemistry, organic chemistry, chemical engineering, and studies of biological systems.

Pharmaceutical, chemical, and specialty chemical companies will leverage the Calarus instruments for studies including:

  1. Runaway reactions.
  2. Kinetics of classical reaction pathways (hydrolysis, oxidation, redox).
  3. Optimization of complex formulations in the areas of pharmaceutical and food presentations.
  4. Determination of physical properties including rates of dissolution, rates of reaction, rates of degradation.

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John Crawford, President


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